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Tahirih Justice Center

Destroys live, puts women in danger, leaves children without any hope all while protecting sex trade industry: Shame on you Layli Miller Muro of Tahirih Justice Center!

Tahirih Justice Center Ruined my Life By Clara Inez Ventura of Bogota, Colombia:

Tahirih Justice Center protects sex trade industry. Tahirih Justice Center and Senator Cantwell's shuts down Christen Singles Network, A site dedicated to helping single mothers find love.

Tahirih Justice Center's Commits Fraud: Attacking "Mail Order Brides" to ...Read about the Tahirih Justice Center's Fraud on the American Congress with ... The Tahirih Justice Center just got another law past the Congress that the ...

Jeanne Smoot of Tahirih Justice Center's misrepresents with outrageous distortion, deception and exaggeration. Cumberland Times-News - Marriage law an ‘unnecessary bureaucratic ...The Tahirih Justice Center intervened in both cases. ... So how can they (Tahirih Justice Center) determine the violence rate if they “have no definitive ... - 38k - Jan 18, 2007 -

. Chris on Judge Overthrows IMBRA IMBRA And Tahirih Justice Center's Destructive And Hysterical Behavior In the last post, "IMBRA And Tahirih Justice Center's Hypocrisy", I have shown (that) there is no justification to force unilateral release of personal and criminal information of all American male clients of International Matchmaking Organizations (IMOs) at the time of initial contact because at that stage, there is no risk of harm to foreign women. I have also stated that unlike IMOs, Domestic Matchmakin ›››

IMBRA was developed over several years in secret by US Senator Maria Cantwell*, D, WA, and Tahirih Justice Center, a radical feminist group whose sexist ...

The StumpBrownback has closely aligned himself with a radical feminist organization, the Tahirih Justice Center. Tahirih Justice Center staged a media event to ...

Wife accuses U.S. Senate candidate of assault
Tahirih Justice Center (TJC) must be embarassed about ranting on TV about more abuse of immigrant women when now, evidence clearly shows this was yet ...

Therefore, I urge everyone, in the name of protecting our women and girls, to fight against Tahirih Justice Center's efforts to preserve exemptions for DMOs ... - 86k -

The husband is from America and you are living in a foreign country. You’ve been a proper young lady all your life and during your honeymoon together with your new husband you conceived your first child. You are married, 6 ˝ months pregnant, and starring at a U.S. Embassy Consular Officer as he just handed you a VISA DENIAL form letter. An 8 ˝ x 11 termination of your dreams. Thanks to Jeanne Smoot of Tahirih Justice Center

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