Dating Service Reviews The most popular by the numbers. You can definitely meet a lot of people if you are attractive. They have over 40 million members which include a lot of fake profiles from other agencies, prostitutes, and sex sites. If you can weed these out, you can meet lots of interesting people. This site is also fantastic if you are a couple looking to swing.

eHarmony: Better than most online dating services, but they still do not verify users IDs.

It's Just Lunch: Gets a negative score for refusing to give prices over the phone. We do not recommend any company that refuses to give prices over the phone or on a website.

Yahoo Personals: Site is plagued with fake profiles and fraud. Thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women post profiles on this site then ask men to send them money to come to visit them. Men send money, but women never come. This site would be the worst place to meet a foreign woman. FYI for men; Russian and Ukrainian women CAN NOT get a tourist visa. The only visa they can get is a fiancée visa. DO NOT send money to anyone!

Great Expectations: Cost to join Great Expectations is $3000 to $5000 and depends on your negotiation skills. Great Expectations will not quote you a price on the phone, you have to come in and talk to the highly trained sales people. We find sites that charge high fees usually have a very limited selection. Also, we find that women who pay huge fees also have very high expectations that most men cannot meet. One of the largest. They boast nearly 800,000 subscribers who pay about $39.95 per month each, and have 8 million separate profiles. There is no charge for posting a profile. However, to contact a prospective date, but users to pay a subscription fee. Site is ok, but like many sites there is no verification of members ID. They now offer a six month free membership if you do not find someone in six months. For them this is a no brainier because very few members ever stay with a dating site for more than six months, so it really costs them almost nothing to do this. Ok site, similar to Not as many profiles as some of the others, but they offer all new members who post profiles with photos a free one year membership. For this reason we recommended them for a try. MatchUSA free online dating

Foreign Dating Services

A Foreign Affair: This company has been in business for more than 12 years. They operate about 75 tours a year to Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Philippines, and Bangkok Thailand. The three founders have all married Russian women and are still married after more than 9 years. John Adams goes out of his way to help his clients. They boast that they have over 500 video testimonials from past clients. They have the best ratio of women to men of any tour in the world. Some tours have over 350 women per night at the social events. This is one of the only sites we have seen that requires the women to come in to their offices to apply, assuring that the women are real. This site is highly recommended.

Foreign Ladies: A new service but seems already to have a great reputation and the company provides excellent customer service. Unlike other services, here the women write the men first. You do have the option to write the women, but it is much more exciting to have the women pick you.

Foreign Women This site is a lot easier and simpler to use than most Russian sites. At only $19.95 per month it is the least costly way to start communicating with Russian women. While most sites charge per letter, here you have unlimited communications for one low price. Customer service is excellent.

European Connections: Probably the first Russian Bride Company in the world, they provide good value for the money.

Russian Bride Guide Operated by Elena Korosteleva, a Russian bride herself. She gives free advice and counseling to men searching for a Russian bride and also helps Russian women adjust after they come to the U.S. Visit her web site for lots of helpful information. The site is completely free.

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