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Picking a Dating Service

1. Avoid dating sites that do not verify identity. Sites that do not verify users have a huge amount of fraudulent profiles. Also, these kinds of sites are much more dangerous for both men and women.

2. Never use a site that does not have contact information including a phone number promptly displayed on the site. There is a reason why sites do not give phone numbers; they do not want to hear all the complaints. No phone number for customer service is a big warning sign.

3. Never use a service that will not give you a price on the phone or website. If they require you to come in before they give you a price, avoid them like the plague. These services have very highly trained sales professionals who are on high commissions and it is like going to a time-share seminar. They will try and get you to pay $5000 or more to join. These services have very few members.

4. Never join a dating service until you have seen many members that you are interested in. Many dating services try and get you to pay large amounts before you see any of the other members. They do this because they have very few members. Dating Services that charge $1000 or more to join have very few female members, so they have very little selection. Women that pay thousands of dollars to join will also have very high expectations. Do you really want a woman that has such high expectations?

5. Does the service give references? A successful service will have hundreds of references or testimonials. How many marriages do they do in a year? Do they have a physical office or are they just on the net?

6. Always call and ask questions before you join any online dating service. A high quality company will always be happy to answer your questions.

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