Great Dates

Great Dates by Kenneth Agee

To have a great date, first you need to know some basics about the women you are about to take out.

  • Is she adventurous?
  • Does she like crazy things?
  • Is she conservative?
  • Is she more of the stay at home type?

Find these things out before you plan a date.

The zoo is a great place for a Sunday afternoon date. It is relatively inexpensive and women always love animals. It gives a nice relaxing atmosphere to get to know each other.

On the top! If you live in a big city, some hotels, restaurants, or buildings have roof top terraces for people to enjoy. This is a great romantic place to have dinner or drinks.

A little bit more expensive, but very romantic, are hot air balloon rides. Many companies offer rides with champagne. This is a wonderful date if you really want to impress her. However, because of the cost, I do not recommend this for a first date.

Another great date for the adventurous is skydiving. With tandem sky diving you can take a lesson for about 20 minutes, then jump. This will be a date she will never forget, but before you book this, make sure she is really adventurous.

Amusement park: If you live near a major amusement park, this can make a great date. It is super fun, plus you get great opportunities to chat between rides. The rides break up the date and give you a little pause.

Comedy clubs: If you live in a major city that has a comedy club, this is a great place for a date. Many of the major clubs also serve dinner. If so, arrive early and the usher will seat you in front if you are having dinner. This will give you about two hours to have dinner and drinks before the show starts.

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